Schedule Announced!

The schedule has been finalised and we are pleased to announce that we have a really high calibre of sessions this year! 

Saturday  -  Sunday

Sprint for the Finish!

Or sprint for the next release. Drupal is built by the community, so that means you! We'll be having a dedicated sprint room all friday and throughout weekend so you can contribute to Drupal core, work on contrib modules, and port all of your projects to D8.


Hosted by 

hosted by miggle

miggle have kindly offered to host the sprinters on the Friday afternoon between 1pm-5pm.   They will provide snacks, refreshments and beer in the afternoon.

Space is limited to 10 people so please register here to avoid any disappointment on the day!  Those who don't register may be turned away if there isn't space.  

Register here now!

DrupalCamp Brighton is back for a second year running.

We believe that Brighton's a cool place and it is even cooler, well warmer, in the summer. Having had a resounding success with DrupalCamp Brighton 2015, we have decided to improve upon that for 2016. We've changed the date so you can now have Pimms on the beach inbetween sprints on one of the icon beach chairs. Or, you can test your luck on one of the penny machines at the pier without getting poured on*. Our venue has also been moved to a more central location allowing for better exploration of the vast cultural hotspots throughout the city.

*DCB are not responsible for the UK weather in summer